This couple! You've never met two people more caring, more in love!

Nathalia, Vee and I met at Ophelia for some tea one Saturday before their wedding. I loved hearing about how they met while studying at Rhodes, and lived in Thailand and now between S.A and Belgium as Nathalia completes her PhD. Vee and Nathalia emphasised that their wedding would be a celebration of not only their love, but also an expression of gratitude for all the people that were supportive throughout their 10 year relationship. That, and a visible union as a queer couple, for which they documented their journey planning their wedding together on a Insta account they created @aqueerweddingsa

There were so many moments on their day that made it special, and a reflection of the beautiful people Nathalia and Vee are, and the deep love they hold for one another. My favourites include the couple holding hands while getting their hair and makeup did in amongst the chaos of everyone else getting ready ; the yasssssss's! from their respective bridal parties when they put their dresses on; firstlook tears and pep talks from their best friends; a beautiful ceremony under the vines at Bell Amour; crazy fun reception games and performances by talented friends.

Vee and Nathalia, thank you for choosing us to capture your wedding day- I've never smiled so much from behind my camera as I had that day.