Hi, my name is Natasha.

I live in Melville Johannesburg, with my husband Muhammad and our baby girl, Hana. We fell in love while completing our Master's degrees in architecture, and Muhammad is also an accomplished jazz musician. He plays weddings too- check out his website.

My love of photography started in high school when experimenting with black and white film photography with my dad's old Pentax that he photographed weddings on. 7 rolls of 36 exposures- that's it, he always chimes.

After 5 years of studying architecture and practicing for another 6, I believe that my experience in this field has strengthened my observant eye, and love for visual storytelling. After graduating, I started photographing architecture and interiors for other architects and loved being behind the camera more than anything and so Papercut Photography became a side hustle while working as an architect.

Eventually, after photographing weddings for friends, attending a number of courses and second shooting for other wedding photographers, I built Papercut Love Stories and began photographing weddings and couples full time. I love meeting and capturing like minded people in love!


I kind of hate most wedding photography

I hear you! Most of my clients feel this way. I do things differently and we'll discuss how you hope to remember your wedding day without the cliche. Your wedding is yours! Break the rules.

Are you keen to travel?

Yes! Please check availability and budget one night's accommodation at a bed 'n brekkie if further than 200 kms outside of Jo'burg and 2 nights if further than 400kms so my second shooter and I can arrive fresh and eager at your venue the morning of your big day.

How long before we receive our photographs?

The full album will be available to download within 8-12 weeks of your wedding depending on the season

Can I edit my photos or receive raw images?

No, I'm afraid not. I spend a lot of time editing my work and this is a very important part of the photograph

Do you work with a second shooter?

For weddings- yes, always!

We want to do things 'differently'?

Interfaith ceremony? LGBTQI+? Small and intimate garden wedding? Huge family and lots of speeches? Anti-white dress? I'm here for it all.

Can we meetup for coffee?

Well, I do tea. But, yes, it's on me - I would love to chat!

What gear do you use?

I have two Canon camera bodies that shoot full frame, and back up to dual card slots. I prefer using prime lenses, although I do love my 70-200mm 2.8 for portraits and ceremony moments.